How Innovative Technology Can Help An Escrow Business

The escrow business revolves around money. And just like any other business, the escrow industry has two main goals–saving money and making money. Two ways to do that is to gain trust in your escrow business by enhancing office security. The second way is to decrease production costs by implementing tools that make the workflow more efficient. Here are some ways innovative technology can help your escrow business.


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Go Green by Going Paperless

One of the most surefire opportunities to save your business money is to go paperless. Using a PDF Editor can go a long way in cutting company costs such as:

  • Stamps
  • Printing
  • Labor (Stuffing Envelopes, Printing Labels)

Using a PDF Editor allows you to edit, sign, and save many important documents for your escrow business. There are countless brands of PDF Editors out there. Some of the most reputable include:

  • Adobe Acrobat (The Original)
  • PDF Architect
  • ISKYSOFT PDF Editor (Most Secure)

Seeing as these documents can be saved on a shared network, anyone in your business can conveniently access and e-mail these PDF files.



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Productivity Apps

Sometimes it takes a little while for employees to get their juices flowing in the workday. Get them in the zone quicker by using productivity apps.

Productivity software is a growing tech trend in the escrow industry. They allow you to do a bunch of office-related tasks from anywhere with computer access. Popular productivity apps have features that include:

  • Web Meetings
  • File Sharing for Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Charts, etc.
  • To-Do Lists
  • Offline Content Folders
  • RSS Feeds and Metrics
  • Screen Sharing

By using productivity apps, it saves time in planning, organizing, and prioritizing. There are many productivity apps that cover a variety of features. Others specialize only a handful of the aforementioned topics. Some of the most well-rounded productivity apps for the escrow industry include:

  • G Suite
  • LastPass
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • TeamViewer


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Update Your Security

If you’ve watched 20 seconds of the news in the last decade, you would know that security breaches are as common as a handshake. As an escrow business, your company has a lot of sensitive information on people. This information getting into the wrong hands can be a costly nightmare for your company both monetarily and on a PR level.

There are many security upgrade choices for your business that are viable. Mostly, these options depend on the needs of your escrow business. For instance, if the internet is over the local WLAN, you want a cybersecurity specialist such as Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. However, if you need a company to handle computers as well as smartphones and tablets, you might want to opt for a brand like ESET. If all of these are out of your price range, there is a low-cost option like Comodo. While not as intricate as the others, it still provides better security than none at all.

Embracing tech is embracing the future of your escrow business. Using these innovative technologies may save the escrow industry a lot of time and money.


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