How to Adjust to California’s New Labor Laws for 2018

Staying on top of the labor laws that can affect you, your employees, and your business is essential to being an organized and responsible administrator. You can be blindsided by things that may seem minimal that can end up costing your company thousands of dollars. These new labor laws can help both you and your employers be safe, healthy, happy, and productive in the workplace.


Using technology to manage your business with these labor laws can be a valuable asset to your business. Programs like Shiftboard have been proven to effectively improve workforce optimization, employee impact, and helped in avoiding scheduling errors. It can save you money and the stress of trying to figure out the scheduling process yourself. Whether or not you choose to incorporate technology into your business, you must still be aware to make the necessary adjustments according to your company.


Here are some changes that you may have to adjust to this year:
  • California’s minimum wage has changed to $11.00/hour (with the exception of business with 25 or fewer employees which would then be $10.50/hour).
  • Equal pay has redefined their definition of employer, which now includes both public and private employers.
  • Employers requesting an applicant’s salary history is no longer allowed in the state of California and it is even considered illegal in San Francisco to disclose any employees’ previous or present salary information.
  • Criminal background checks conditions and notifications have been revised.
  • Parental leave has been expanded and it is now required for employers that have less than 20 staff members to provide job-protected 12 weeks of paid or unpaid parental bonding leave.
Although these changes might not seem like they apply to you, take a quick look into your administration and do some spring cleaning into strategies that might not be working to make your workspace an updated and more effective one.


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